Video: Mobility for the Overhead Position

Drew Dillon


Columbus, Ohio, United States

Olympic Weightlifting, Mobility & Recovery

Missing your snatch out in front? There are a lot of issues that could be causing this:


  • Mobility in the overhead position
  • Motor pattern while pulling yourself under the bar
  • Start position setup
  • Execution of the second pull


In this video we're focusing on mobility in the overhead position and Olympian Holley Mangold helps us demonstrate the drills. The exercises in this video will allow you to work on improving this position between training sessions.


When working with a new athlete, a coach will first focus on the glaring issues that often cause many of the small technical issues. If the athlete doesn't have mobility in the overhead position the weight will be forced to remain light and throughout the training session the athlete will have to cognitively focus on pushing the bar back into the "slot." As the mobility overhead increases, this action will become much less labored and safer to do with more weight.


Athletes develop at different rates, but dedication and extra work like the drills in this video will speed this process up. I hope you can use this to develop a routine off the platform to increase progress on the platform!

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