Video: Strength and Stretch Leg Sequence

Willow Ryan


Portland, Oregon, United States


This is a sequence of four poses intended to strengthen your hamstrings and stretch your hip flexors. Hold each pose for five breaths. Watch the video for detailed instruction and demonstration. This is an especially useful sequence for runners.



  1. Warrior One - Back Knee Bent
  2. Arrow Lunge
  3. Lunge - Grab Back Ankle
  4. Lunge - Heel-to-Butt



  • To decrease intensity of the first two poses, place your hands on the floor. Otherwise, keep the hands on the hips, and press the pelvis down toward the floor.
  • In all four poses, pull your front foot toward your back foot to flex the hamstrings close to the knee and mid-shaft of the femur. Flex your sit bones toward the floor to strengthen the muscle fibers close to your pelvis.
  • Be smooth. Enter and exit poses slowly. Impatience creates agitation and injury.


When you do this sequence, feel the energy rising up your legs. Use this energy to open tight areas in your legs, pelvis, and hips. Quivering and shaking are signs of letting go. This elixir is yours to soak up for self-care and sustaining daily energy. Enjoy the ride.

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