Virtuosity with Dusty Hyland - Bent Arm Press to Handstand, Vol 4: Tuck Support to Shoulderstand

Dusty Hyland


Culver City, California, United States


Welcome to season three of Virtuosity, featuring gymnastics experts and coaches Dusty Hyland and Tina Angelotti. Virtuosity, in gymnastics, means going above and beyond - exceptional movement, performance, and position.


Season three is all about the bent arm press to handstand and this week, Dusty looks at using the wall to help you get from a frog sit to a frogstand to a shoulderstand. Set up of the paralettes is crucial. Set them up close to the wall, but far enough away so you can get into the shoulderstand we've already looked at. Try and find hollow, and come down exactly the same way as you went up. Keep the movement slow and controlled - lots of time under tension.


You'll do three sets of three in this manner. Have some fun with it!


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Check back each week for more videos from Dusty. You can also find more gymnastics info and videos on CrossFit Gymnastics>.

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