Here are five exercises to fire up that glute-hamstring combo.
Strengthen your muscles and joints to handle rotational movements to benefit you in sports and in life.
Getting mad at the bar isn't just for the bros in the gym. It has an actual purpose related to your "arousal level."
The most important thing is to wait until your body is healed.
If you are not creating an environment for growth, you are creating one for injury.
We squat, we press, we deadlift, we push, we pull—all linear movements. Rarely do we incorporate lateral movements into our training plan and yet we really should.
Always remember to stay open minded to new ways of lifting in order to maximize your genetic potential.
Haphazardly loading a barbell and doing one set until you fall in exhaustion shouldn’t be the plan for the majority of lifters.
For optimal health we need to go to a deeper level that encompasses so much more than just macros.
Bum augmentation without surgery. What could be better than that?
Most people aren’t aware of just how detrimental sleep deprivation can be on body composition.
A never ending debate in many sports, but especially in weightlifting, concerns when a young athlete should begin training in the discipline.
The effects low blood sugar can have on training is something both athletes and coaches need to be aware of.
Train these movements regularly and you will gain strength, and avoid pain, especially if you’re new to training.
Science says grip strength might even be more important than just for gaining serious pull-up prowess.