If you squat, push, pull, hinge, and carry consistently you’ll probably get pretty fit. But don't forget to lunge!
Binge-listen opportunity with some of the best coaches in fitness: Dr John Rusin, Eric Bach, Dr Joel Seedman, Dr Andy Galpin, Damian Lees, Brad Borland, Michael Goulding, JC Deen, and Tom MacCormick.
The gym is just like a classroom or an office—there are important rules you need to follow.
To understand why health and fitness changes don’t last, you have to start with people’s real values.
Though simple in theory, if you haven’t been taught the one skill (the rowing stroke) properly, it’s easy to butcher it and make all sorts of crazy mistakes.
You can get more out of your strength training by understanding how to change the speed of your reps and using pauses, otherwise known as tempo training.
Every repetition is an opportunity to get better.
This isn't about quitting when things get tough. Sometimes it’s pivoting and going a different way.
This 30x30 challenge synchronizes training to spur big results.
Each stroke on the rower should be at a deliberate and consistent speed regardless of the distance you’re rowing.
Are you running toward something or looking for a way out?
Sometimes gravity is the best form of resistance in your training.
If you can find 10 minutes twice a week, your wrists will return the love through greater mobility, increased strength, and best of all, less wrist pain.
Treats are such a common staple today that you couldn’t possibly eat them every time they were offered without gaining unwanted weight.
It's better for your mind to do some sort of fitness routine on vacation. We keep it simple here with 20-30 minute routines.
That's right, you don't need a barbell to improve your deadlift.
How do we learn to harmonize our conscious thought with the feeling and reactions within the body?