Different positioning for your strict press may allow for better translation into other overhead lifts.
And in denying your exploration into other expressive forms of movement and practices, you’re denying your own unique individuality.
If you want to develop yourself through many practices, even if only very slowly and recreationally, you need to create structure before you add.
You want to add yoga to your Olympic weightlifting or try martial arts with your powerlifting? Let's see what makes sense.
People need more physical movement, more time in nature, and more connection.
In the IWF rules, four cameras are used, one near each referee and another behind the platform.
Following this daily plan, you can make tremendous strength and fitness gains while hardly investing any extra time.
Double compound movements can be combined to create a fast and extremely powerful training effect.
Many buzzwords seem to fly around the fitness industry, and "functional" seems to be the most common one.
Here's where you start to focus on the feeling of a good squat because it's a great feeling.
Conventional wisdom tells us we shouldn't work out every day, especially early on, but the opposite is actually true.
It’s about changing your impression of what difficult is, and who you are when you meet it.
Give these exercises a try after your training session, or even as part of your warm-up.
This Six Pack of Knowledge Podcast is about building a resilient body with pain-free training expert, Dr. John Rusin.
Back pain is one of the most commonly grumbled about training, and life, annoyances.
Using BFR bands can help gain muscle size and strength.
Biceps matter, and not just for aesthetics.