Most people aren’t aware of just how detrimental sleep deprivation can be on body composition.
A never ending debate in many sports, but especially in weightlifting, concerns when a young athlete should begin training in the discipline.
The effects low blood sugar can have on training is something both athletes and coaches need to be aware of.
Train these movements regularly and you will gain strength, and avoid pain, especially if you’re new to training.
Science says grip strength might even be more important than just for gaining serious pull-up prowess.
If you practice these movements and internalize the feeling when you perform the lift at full speed, the body will open with a natural fluidity into the power position.
We often overlook that cleaning up movement patterns and building a strong, safe foundation is the first priority of training.
Getting a strict pull-up is a great goal. Here are some exercises you can do to help you get there quicker.
The fingertip push-up is a total body exercise and every muscle in the body has to work together in a beautiful concert of movement.
Lifestyle change often fails because we try to do too much and we train too little.
So, what makes the box squat useful? You can improve your back squat without back squatting, that's one reason.
Your ability to move up and down the spectrum of specificity based on what will yield the best long term results is a critical skill.
If you squat, push, pull, hinge, and carry consistently you’ll probably get pretty fit. But don't forget to lunge!
The gym is just like a classroom or an office—there are important rules you need to follow.
To understand why health and fitness changes don’t last, you have to start with people’s real values.
Though simple in theory, if you haven’t been taught the one skill (the rowing stroke) properly, it’s easy to butcher it and make all sorts of crazy mistakes.