Frank Medrano – Superhuman Bodyweight Workout (Video)

Get ready to meet a wickedly skilled, strong calisthenics athlete – who is 100% vegan.

Frank Medrano ran track and field when he was in high school, but eight years ago he found himself slow, tired, and out of shape. He set a resolution to get stronger, and here he is now with mind-blowing power and bodyweight skill that would make Al Kavadlo proud.

At five feet nine inches and 160 pounds, he's not particularly big. Instead, he strikes awe in viewers with a total mastery of movement and consistency that is truly inspirational.

Medrano is a holistic physical culturist – he's worked with barbells and dumbbells, kettlebells, and other odd objects in his quest to push the human limits. His current training focuses heavily on calisthenics, though, which he said in an interview has "many advantages… over other forms of training."

His diet is simple, natural, and intuitive – he doesn't stress over the minutiae or have doubts about the system he has chosen to adopt. We can all learn from this amazing athlete the ability to maintain composure, confidence, and commitment, and admire his example of how myriad paths can lead to superior human health and performance.