Friday Flicks: 40 Rep Handstand Set

Watch circus performer Yuval Ayalon perform a stunning set of 40 mixed presses and push ups on his hands.

Welcome to the Friday Flicks! Every Friday we kick off your weekend with a fun, fitness-related video you've never seen before. If you've missed previous weeks, you can catch up on them HERE!

Handstand artist, acrobat, and performer Yuval Ayalon set himself the task of doing a 40 rep set of presses and push ups on his hands.

This incredibly difficult set consists of:

  • 10x Stalder Presses
  • 10x Headstand Push Ups
  • 10x Pike Presses
  • 10x Straddle Presses

Watch as he takes to his hands to complete the challenge, following many hours of hard work and practice.