Friday Flicks: Kettlebell Juggling – WKC Rising Star Sergei Derevenets

If you've seen kettlebell juggling, you may wonder how they learn the skill. This video shows an expert during a practice session.

Welcome to the Friday Flicks! Every Friday we kick off your weekend with a fun, fitness-related video you've never seen before. If you've missed previous weeks, you can catch up on them HERE!

This week – Kettlebell Juggling: WKC Rising Star Sergei Derevenets. Maybe you've watched videos of kettlebell juggling before and wondered how they learn those routines and movements. This video of Sergei Derevenets shows him during a practice session – sometimes he gets it right and sometimes he messes up. Practicing these moves takes strength, coordination, and cardio. Watch Sergei as he gets frustrated, but still perseveres on his way to mastering these challenging movements.