Friday Flicks: The Floreio Art of Ido Portal

Ido Portal began studying martial arts as a child. At the age of 15 he discovered Capoeira. This video demonstrates his amazing strength, control, fluidity, and balance. See it to believe it.

Welcome to the Friday Flicks! Every Friday we kick off your weekend with a fun, fitness-related video you've never seen before. If you've missed previous weeks, you can catch up on them HERE!

This week – the distinctive movement of Ido Portal. Ido Portal began studying martial arts as a child, and at the age of fifteen he discovered Capoeira. Later he would go on to train in gymnastics, boxing, dance, yoga, and more. Taking from all of this and also his studies in anatomy, physiology, and sports, he created a unique system of movement. He refers to his movement art as "Floreio," which is a subset of Capoeira. Just take a look at this video – any ONE of these movements is challenging, much less to be done as an entire sequence.