Get Down With Your Down Dog

Get the most of your down dog with these simple adjustments.

Down dog, or downward facing dog, is a great way to stretch your back and your legs. Plus, it just feels great! But if you do not have a instructor to adjust your form, it can be difficult to get into the correct position. The slightest adjustments to this pose can make a huge difference, and doing it incorrectly can defeat the purpose of the exercise.

In this video, Kimberly Johnson, long-time yoga instructor and body worker joins me to clearly demonstrate some of the most common mistakes people make in down dog and how to fix those mistakes.

We will show you how to get around the threemost common issues:

  1. Insisting your heels touch the floor. Instead, focus on the position of your back.
  2. Putting too much tension on your shoulders and neck. Hand and arm position is everything.
  3. Too much distance between your hands and feet. The set up to go into down dog is critical.

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