Get to the Source of Your Back Pain by Stretching Your Hamstrings

Use this yoga flow to release the tension that might be the source of your back pain.

Low back pain can range from annoying to debilitating.And figuring out how or why it happens, short of an acute situation, can be tricky. As we age (*cough*), a back can get thrown out of whack with just one bad lift.

Getting to the Source of Back Pain

In a typical day, we often bend down and pick things up but we don't often side bend. I love stretching the side body as a lot of times tension can build there without you even noticing. This tension can lead to a tight low back and even low-back pain.

If you follow me along in this short video, we will open the front, back, and sides of the spine (anterior, posterior, and obliques), as well as loosen the hamstrings. I can't promise you this will solve your back pain, but I can tell you it will relieve some of it.

By the way, this would also be a great video if you have just done an intense lifting session as your core, back, and hamstrings could probably use some loving.

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