Submitting Content – General Guidelines

Breaking Muscle is an open platform for fitness experts and professionals to share their knowledge of exercise, fitness, health, and nutrition with athletes from around the world.

By contributing to Breaking Muscle you will be reaching the entire spectrum of the fitness community: athletes, consumers, aficionados, fitness professionals, and business owners.

Breaking Muscle is a community-led platform. It is your platform. We welcome all contributions from experienced coaches and trainers, and from knowledgeable fitness professionals and athletes.


The following guidelines apply to all submissions, regardless of category.


Your writing need not conform to any particular style guideline, although we strongly urge you to follow one. Chicago, APA and MLA are good examples. Regardless, it is critical that your work be internally consistent.

Content & Tone

Your submission should be aimed at a specific audience. Whether that audience is experienced Powerlifting competitors, mud-run aficionados, or Yoga newbies, you should use the appropriate tone, vocabulary, and dialectic.


Please do not send us formatted documents.

Each article is stripped of most formatting before it is entered into our content management system (CMS).

Stick to these basic formatting rules:

  • Submit an approved document format (each Category has its own approved formats)
  • Name your document with the title of your submission
  • Ensure paragraph settings are "Single Line Spacing" and "Do Not Add Spaces Between Paragraphs of the Same Style"
  • Include all photos/illustrations/videos separately
  • Do not indent paragraphs
  • Use one space at the end of each sentence
  • Do not use bullet points or numbered lists. Just write out the list
  • Use the serial comma
  • Italicize movies, books, etc – do not underline them
  • If you have formatting notes or URLs you would like us to link to use the comments facility in Word or include them parenthetically.
  • If you cite research, use primary sources and include a list of references with your article. Use Chicago style for your citations.

First Time Contributing? Please Note

First-timers will have to include additional information that will not be needed for future submissions. For example:

  • Bio and/or cover letter
  • Profile picture
  • Social media links
  • Optional Video Byline

Once you have submitted and been successfully published, you do not need to use the First-Time Submissions category again. You may go directly to the Returning Contributors category and you won't be asked for the information above again.

However, if you later need to make changes to your profile picture, bio, or other information, you will return to this category to do so. But you'll only need to supply the new information or assets.

Photos and Videos

All visual media should be produced in landscape orientation. Visual media should be of you, by you, or supplied with full rights use and appropriate attribution. Supply original files, not links. Photos should be at least 1200px wide and hi res. Video should be 720p or better.

  • All photos and any videos to accompany your submission should be uploaded at the same time as your submission.
  • Photos should be sharp with an uncluttered background. Upload the highest quality files you have.
  • All videos must be sent through as video files, not links to videos.
  • Approved file types will be noted in the submission process.

Citations and References

Be sure to list and number your references at the end of your article, and have clear call-outs in the text in parenthesis — e.g., (1). We will convert parenthetical reference to superscript for you. Breaking Muscle follows the Chicago style guide for references.

If this is unfamiliar, Google Scholar and are useful resources to convert your references to Chicago style. Be sure to cite primary sources.

What We Expect: Ready-to-Publish

Submissions should be ready to publish. Be sure to give your submission several rounds of editing before submitting. It is helpful to have someone else give you feedback in the editing process.

Be sure to edit for clarity, structure, logical consistency, and succinctness, as well as for the mechanics of grammar and punctuation. Articles that are poorly constructed and those insufficiently polished will be rejected. Do not just copy and paste an old blog post. They will get rejected.