How to Avoid Back Pain on a Long Drive (Video)

The counter stretch is a fantastic way of extending and easing your back when you are on the road.

Today we are looking at a technique called the counter stretch. This exercise can be done anywhere, even at a gas station, when you are taking a rest on a long drive.

When you drive for a long time, both your lumbar and thoracic spine will go into flexion. This technique is a great way of promoting extension through the entire spine.

Here's how to perform the stretch:

  1. Stand at the back of your car
  2. Place your feet underneath your hips
  3. Place your hands on your car at chest level
  4. Move your chest down to the floor
  5. Once you get into that position, tighten your thighs, and hold for one minute.

The biggest mistake that people make with this exercise is holding the stretch with a rounded back instead of a flat or extended back. To avoid this, keep your hips back, and move your chest straight down to the floor.

Give it a try next time you stop for a fuel break, and see how you feel!

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