How to Safely Kick Up Into Your Best Handstand Yet

For every exercise, the outcome is determined by the set up. Logan Christopher shows you techniques to kick up into a stable freestanding handstand.

The freestanding handstand is daunting – nothing is keeping you from falling except your own balancing ability. There are plenty of resources to help you learn to balance at the top. But, as Logan Christopher of Legendary Strength points out, a lot of people neglect the kick up into the handstand, which is just as important.

The gymnastics-style kick up is the most effective way to get into the handstand position.

  1. Begin with both arms locked out overhead, biceps by your ears.
  2. Place one foot in front with your toes pointed, just touching the floor.
  3. Rock forward and backward slightly to build momentum. Then kick up with your back foot leaving the ground first.

Two potential errors are underkicking or overkicking. In the first scenario, you do not generate enough force to reach the "sweet spot" of balancing at the top, so you simply fall back to your starting position. When you overkick, you move past the equilibrium point and fall forward. You can turn sideways into a carthwheel to land safely.

Take note of the results from each kick up attempt to determine how hard to kick the next time. In general, kick a little harder than you initially think, because it's harder to stop yourself from underbalancing than it is to slow down your movement as you reach the balancing point. Use your hands and fingertips to press into the ground and control yourself in the handstand position.

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