Kilian Martin: Altered Route – Skateboarding (Friday Flick)

Stop for a second and marvel at this incredible infusion of skateboarding, gymnastics, and dance.

Meet Kilian Martin. If you had to put a label on him, you would say he is a skateboarder. But one viewing of this incredible video will make it clear to you that he is much more than that. Kilian is famous for his cross-disciplinary style. Watch him and you will see a fusion of skateboarding, parkour, dance, and much more. What other style influences do you pick up?

This is unsurprising when you learn that Kilian is a former gymnast. He sees himself as both an athlete and an artist. He explains:

“When I skate, there is just me and my board. I couldn’t care less about pre-defined categories and styles. It is only skateboarding – and I do what I enjoy.“

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