Athlete Journals

When preparing for competition, simplicity goes a long way. Focus on the big three (bench, squat, deadlift) for effective training.
After resting and recovering with a deload, I headed back to the gym to tackle the daily training max.
Recovering from an injury is already challenging enough, but when you toss in all the psychological games our minds trip us out with, it’s that much worse.
Charles Staley has shared his journals so you can see how to optimize your training at any age.
Now that I've gotten back to strength training, I'm using pause reps to get the most out of my sessions.
I did my first workout post-surgery, and am finding I feel better if I'm moving, even if I need to modify exercises.
It’s been about three weeks since I fully ruptured my Achilles tendon. I'd thought I'd share my recovery journey.
Due to life getting in the way this week, it ended up being an unplanned deload week of sorts. Despite this, I did manage good results in the squat and bench.
Technically this wasn't a deload week, but we'll just call it that. Aside from hitting a few PRs I took the week off, but I'm excited about some new training tools and videos I have in the works.
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Michael details how the CrossFit Central crew uses the infamous "1x20 Back Squat" exercise to increase both their mental and physical strength. Squat, breathe, squat, breathe.
“You can either have the pain of sacrifice, or the pain of regret. Choose one.” This week Michael talks about what it means to make little sacrifices on the road to the larger goal.