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Olympic Weightlifting

It looks like we're going to see a reshuffle of the final podiums from Beijing and London over the coming weeks.
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These were my last few weeks of training before the Worlds Masters Weightlifting Championships.
My groin and elbow were much better this week. I'm starting to feel like I might have a fighting chance.
I'm just not able to get any quality work in, and fooling around in the gym with light weights is incredibly aggravating.
I finally got in to see the physio about my wrist. Unfortunately the day after the visit, my hand was even worse.
This week was all about riding the line between normal pain and dangerous pain. I am always amazed what I am capable of doing when I do not hurt.
Between the nagging pain in my left wrist and discomfort in my groin, this wasn't my best week of training.
My achy wrist reared its ugly head during the PanAms last week, but at least I still have Worlds in September.
This week I had to work around some groin, neck, and wrist issues, but I was still able to train.
This week was a mixed bag of success and difficulty, with solid back squat and snatch workouts.
Some days I feel confident and walk away from my training with a smile, and others are more of a challenge. The key is to keep my momentum.
This week was all about knowing my limitations and working around them so I could continue with my training.
Pain and discomfort made my training difficult this week, but I managed to work around it.
My body was feeling good this week, and I planned my workouts carefully to get in as much volume as I could.
The PanAmerican Championships are right around the corner, so I am trying to get in more alone time in the gym.
I set a new Canadian record at a recent meet, and plan to try for the world record in June.
I spent all week preparing for a heavy snatch session on Saturday, and was pleased with the results.