Military & First Responders

If you're serious about a career in the military, you need to be serious about strength and injury prevention.
The biology of stress can affect your pistol accuracy, but there is a way to condition yourself for the stresses of violent situations.
The stress that fire and smoke can bring to the body is intense, but maintaining a high level of conditioning will keep you safe on the job.
A new study suggests block periodization can help special operators avoid overtraining.
When it comes to tactical training, learning how to properly defend yourself is crucial to staying safe on the job.
Too often, general tactical programs lack specific, transferrable value in the exercises and progressions.
Unfortunately, lazy is on you, my brothers and sisters in blue. What happened?
Most people will hit their target within a month just by using more targeted training and diligent daily practice.
These exercises will work on weak points and enhance on-the-job performance, whether you’re a town cop, state trooper, or SWAT.
Firefighters and police officer have to go through a probationary period before they deemed ready. What if all gym members had to do this?
In our lines of work, we are often faced with little equipment and little time to spare. This workout can be done fifteen minutes before your shift or during a break.
If you are a firefighter or aspiring to be one, this new training program is for you. Here's what you should know before you begin.
When you need help, call on the Rapid Intervention Team in your life, whether it’s your mind, your coach, or your partner.
In a new study, beta-alanine increased jumping height, shooting accuracy, and sprint performance in soldiers.
If you want a long healthy career as a firefighter, do movements that matter, the ones that will keep you alive longer.
The Special Forces workouts for current and aspiring operators start today. This FAQ will help you get the most out of the program.
The following tips can help firefighters inside the gym, outside the gym, and at work.
While the testing you may go through will be the same, how you get there, and what you need to focus on will be different.