Love Connection: A Valentine’s Yoga Sequence for 2

Have fun and get more mobile, while building communication and bonding with a friend or loved one.

Hate or love it, Valentine’s Day is here. This partner yoga video is a great addition to your day, whether it is done in celebration of Valentine’s or just as a fun way to connect with a friend or loved one.

Connect Through Communication

One of the greatest keys to any successful relationship is communication. This partner yoga video demands communication – and not just verbally, but physically. It teaches you new ways to communicate without using words, which I think is essential to any relationship.

In this sequence, we start off with back-to-back breathing, followed by a hamstring stretch for one person and a chest opener for the other, and then we switch. From there, we transition with a trust-builder. Perhaps try not to speak any words for an extra challenge. As you move through this flow, feel free to linger in each pose for as long as you like.

Sweet Moves

  • Partner squat stretch with chest opener– This stretch is great for low pack pain, the hips, and the chest. This is also a great stretch for before a workout with a lot of hip movements, like running, box jumps, or squats.
  • Parallel back stretch– Another great stretch for the back, as well as the rest of the posterior chain. It’s also great for after deadlifts or running.
  • Seated chest opener– A wonderful stretch for opening the shoulders, chest, and thoracic spine. Seriously, it feels so great.
  • Assisted downward facing dog– This pose takes a bit of setup, but it is a fantastic release for the person in the downward facing dog – particularly for his or her wrists, arms, and low back. The person giving the assist can work their strength a little to give the resistance needed for the stretch. (I threw in a handstand for a little added challenge.)

Hopefully, if nothing else, this video will bring you some laughs and perhaps also bring you and your partner a little bit closer.

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