Mind Clutter? Clear Negative Thoughts With This Detox Yoga Flow

Detox begins in the mind and keeps those negative thoughts at bay.



We all have things on our minds. Keeping our thoughts focused toward the positive spin will free our minds to absorb our friends, family, and loved ones while keeping ourselves healthy in our routines.

When I hear people tell me they are going to do a “detox” or a “cleanse,” I can’t help but roll my eyes. A few days of changes or even thirty days of change doesn’t give you clearance to eat and act without abandon for the rest of the year.

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So although this video is a “detox” flow, I caution you that detox starts in our mind. What negative thoughts do we allow to enter in? For example, if someone doesn’t text you back. Is your immediate reaction, “She doesn’t like me” or some other negative story? Or if you find out a few friends went out but you didn’t get the invite are you thinking, “Well, they clearly hate me now.” Do you rack your brain for what you did wrong?

Detox starts with our relationship with ourselves. Your relationship to your thoughts, food choices, and actions.

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I hope you try this detox flow, but I also hope you are inspired to keep both toxic foods and thoughts out of your life. So when someone asks why you haven’t jumped on the latest cleanse or diet kick-start, you can say, “I stay clean in my thoughts, food, and body.”

Like yourself, eat good food, exercise often, and rest when needed.

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