NextDesk Terra Adjustable Standing Desk (Product Review)

If sitting is the new smoking, this new standing desk is the ultimate smoking cessation tool.

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Many of us spend a good amount of time working behind a desk. After reading the research on how sitting at a desk affects my time in the gym, I tried making my own standing desk.

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My first attempt had a temporary feel to it, as I wasn’t sure I could handle standing all day. I took a small bookshelf off the wall and positioned it on top of the desk. It certainly grabbed people’s attention, but not in a good way. People asked whether my bookshelf had fallen. I have a kettlebell in my office for greasing the groove exercises, so I can handle strange looks. However, my homemade attempt at a standing desk did not look very professional.

Enter the NextDesk

The NextDesk is as professional-looking as it gets. It comes in multiple types of sustainable woods and can fit almost any décor. In general, it looks like high-end office furniture that could be placed in an Apple store. My review model has a solid bamboo top, but the Air models come with an aluminum slab.

Stand or Sit

One of the best features of the NextDesk is that it is adjustable. With my homemade solutions I was stuck at one height. With an adjustable desk, I can sit or stand. The option is nice for new standers, as they might not be comfortable standing all day.

The desk moves via an electronic controller, which is placed in a convenient spot under the desk. It raises from 62cm to 129cm, which will fit most everyone. The mechanism moves smoothly and quickly. I can easily adjust it up a little bit more or less throughout the day. It also has three programmable settings that can be used for quick adjustments to standing or sitting.


Opening the box, I was immediately impressed with the quality of this product. There are no exposed screws or motor mechanisms. It was very easy to put together. There is a hidden wire tray underneath where I can put a power strip and computer wires, which keeps with the clean look of the desk.

"I have been working at a standing desk for a year. The primary benefit for me is greater productivity."

The company also attempts to keep their environmental footprint to a minimum. There are no formaldehyde or solvent-based paint products used in the manufacturing of the desktop. The bamboo top comes from sustainable bamboo forests and has a hard surface that does not scratch.

Benefits of Standing

My switch to a standing desk was easier than I thought. I had read accounts of people who had switched and then switched back. My feet were sore the first couple of days, but that improved quickly. I feel comfortable working in a standing position. I tend to move around slightly, which helps me keep my concentration.

Thinking about posture, I feel that sitting is a passive posture that puts me in a relaxed state of mind. Standing makes me feel more active and productive. The NextDesk is a nice choice as you can switch back and forth easier without making the commitment to standing all the time.

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I would strongly recommend the NextDesk to anyone who is thinking about standing while working. It has a minimalistic design that looks striking and functions well. It is an expensive choice and there may be less expensive options (e.g., D.I.Y or a cardboard one) but they may not look as good.

I have been working at a standing desk for a year. The primary benefit for me is greater productivity. I also think it has also helped my posture. I also don’t have to do a lot of stretching of the hips at the gym. Squats and similar exercises seem a lot easier. It is also easy to put a stool next to your desk and do some stretching. Overall, the added productivity and health benefits may make this a worthy choice for you.

NextDesk adjustable desks are available for $900.00-3,000.00 at

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