Product Review: Grip4orce

Looking to improve your grip? Grip4orce is a training tool you can use during lifts or on its own to build grip strength.

Grip strength is an important tool in the arsenal of any physical culturist. Just as a strong handshake a mark of confidence and power, grip strength has also been proven in science as an indicator of overall strength. When you think of our ingrained ideas about the hands, like the calluses of a hard worker or thecrushing grip strength of a powerful individual, it’s no surprise that some athletes are in love with this type of training.

Recently I got a pair of Grip4orce grips that I’ve been using to build my grip strength. I’ve always loved thick bars and resistance hand grippers, and Grip4orce is a unique combination of the two. Grip4orce converts bars to a two-inch thickness while simultaneously creating further outward pressure you must overcome to fully grip the bar. Here's a video demonstrating Grip4orce's many applications:

Grip4orce is an Ohio-based company that produces these grips and nothing else. The grips are made of a rubberized external surface that ensures good traction on the bar with no slipping, and a polymer core that provides outward resistance.There are two resistance levels for these grips, Intermediate and Advanced, and I tried the Intermediate version.The grips slip pretty easily over a bar or handle to double the thickness.

Depending on what you use it for, the grip may not be fully closed, which is part of what makes the Grip4orce unique. In order to complete your exercise comfortably, you have to squeeze hard. This extra squeezing helps get more grip work in than just thickening the bar or handle alone. Further, a tight squeeze with the hands can cause a radiating effect to the muscles lifting the weight. Powerlifters use this technique to improve strength in a lift, and Grip4orce gives you no choice but to do it.

Not only that, but these grips can also be used without a bar. I used mine as a forearm and hand warm up tool. I have long fingers and a strong grip, so it wasn't a challenge for me to close the Grip4orce, but it took enough effort to create a good warm up.

Because of the force needed to grip a thick bar on a heavy lift, the outward resistance effect of these grips might be reduced or lost altogether on a heavy lift that already requires a strong grip. I put this in the “Cons” section in the chart above, but it’s not really a con. It just means that the force needed to normally grip a thick bar on a deadlift is more resistance than the Grip4orce provides. There may not be any added benefit on these lifts, beyond the two-inch thickness, since you have to grip hard just to get the lift in the first place.

Because of their versatility, simplicity, and ease of use, I use my Grip4orce grips to great effect and enjoy them a lot. If you’re in the market for new grips or have been thinking about getting some for the first time, you won’t go wrong with Grip4orce.

Grip4orce is available for $39.95 at

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