Golden Beet and Pancetta Borscht

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80 MIN


27 g


78 g


961 kcal


38 g


318 mg


22 g



beetroot ( peeled and diced )

2 beet

sweet potato ( peeled and diced )

1 medium

carrot ( peeled and sliced into small rounds )

1 carrot

water ( diced )

2 cup

chicken broth ( or beef )

3 cup

minced garlic

1 clove

onion ( diced )

1/2 medium

pancetta ( or bacon, diced (reserve a small cooked amount for garnish if desired) )

4 oz

tomato sauce ( or puree )

1 cup

red cabbage ( sliced into thin strips )

1/4 head

apple cider vinegar

1 tbsp


15 g


1 tsp

ground black pepper

5 g

chives ( for garnish )

2 tbsp chopped

Golden Beet and Pancetta Borscht

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Step 1

In a soup pot, combine beets, sweet potato, carrot, water, and broth.

Step 2

Boil vegetables for about 45 minutes until all are fork tender.

Step 3

While the vegetables are cooking, sauté pancetta, onion, and garlic in a frying pan until pancetta is cooked.

Step 4

Add cooked pancetta, onion, and garlic to the soup pot.

Step 5

Puree half of the soup mixture with an immersion blender or by ladling it into a blender. Pour the puree back into the soup pot.

Step 6

Add remaining ingredients and cook an additional 15 minutes to combine flavors.

Step 7

Top with additional cabbage, chives, and pancetta and serve hot.

You can substitute red beets for the golden beets and you’ll end up with a beautiful crimson soup.

Borscht (or Borsch) is a fantastic root vegetable soup that originated in the Ukraine. It was used to supply sustenance and a well-rounded supply of nutrients for hard-working people who needed to maintain endurance throughout the day. These endurance-enhancing properties make borscht an ideal meal for athletes.

Consuming beet juice prior to athletic performance is a current trend among athletes. Many studies have confirmed the humble beet’s ability to increase endurance via giving a boost to the cardiovascular system’s ability to carry and utilize oxygen. Eating the whole beetroot has similar benefits and can reduce inflammation. Beets also have a generous helping of fiber which aids the digestive system.

This soup is prepared with hearty root vegetables and has many different versions. The common components are always beets, carrots, potatoes, and onions. In this riff on borscht, I’ve used sweet potatoes in place of traditional white potatoes and added pancetta for a touch of protein and salty flavor. Traditional borscht uses white vinegar or lemon for an acidic punch, but I’ve substituted apple cider vinegar to give it some tang.

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