Quark Berry Protein Smoothie

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28 g


57 g


460 kcal


36 g


226 mg


3 g



strawberry ( hulled )

15 large


10 raspberry

cottage cheese ( more info in step 1 )

6 oz

chickpeas ( cooked or canned,drained and rinsed )

1/4 cup

hemp seeds ( or white chia seeds )

1 tbsp

almond milk ( or coconut milk )

1/2 cup

lemon juice

1 tsp

coconut sugar ( or honey,maple syrup )

1 tbsp

Quark Berry Protein Smoothie

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Step 1

Add all ingredients to a blender and puree until smooth. (use plain unsweetened quark cheese (a German-style spoonable fresh cheese) or substitute cottage cheese or Greek yogurt)

Protein powders are renowned for their ability to pack a lot of protein into small, mixable portions. These powders have an appropriate interest and following, particularly for bodybuilders. However, there are a number of athletes who, for various reasons, do not wish to use refined powders. For athletes with a less intense need for concentrated protein, but who still want to build or maintain lean muscle, a whole foods approach to post-workout protein intake is more desirable and perhaps even better for your body.

Proteins need to be balanced with fat and carbohydrates in order to satisfy you and mitigate hunger. Nature does a great job of packaging proteins within whole foods. The proteins found in whole food are easier for the body to utilize as the right combo of fats and carbs are present to allow for full assimilation of both the protein and the other nutrients.

Post-workout smoothies are a popular way for athletes to boost recovery and replenish the nutrients lost during training. Without using a protein powder, it can be tricky to pack a lot of protein into a smoothie. I’ve created a smoothie that does not use any refined protein powders yet still provides 25 or more grams of protein in each smoothie.

Building a protein smoothie with whole foods is an exercise in layering. Combine creamy proteins like yogurt, quark, cottage cheese, beans, and nut butter with protein-heavy seeds or grains like hemp, chia, oats, or quinoa and you can’t go wrong.

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