Salmon Patties with Blueberry Miso Sauce and Fennel Fried Rice

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35 MIN


127 g


178 g


2097 kcal


37 g


586 mg


18 g



salmon ( more info in step 2 )

12 oz

shallot ( or ½ red onion, diced )

1 shallot

egg ( beaten )

1 medium

sesame oil

1 tsp


1 tsp

ginger ( minced )

1 tsp

soy sauce ( tamari )

1 tsp


2 tbsp, ground

fresh blueberries

1/2 cup

miso paste

2 tsp

ginger ( minced )

1/2 tsp


1 tsp

lemon juice

1 tbsp

rice vinegar ( unseasoned )

1 tbsp

brown rice ( pre-cooked )

2 cup

sesame oil

2 tablespoon

shallot ( or ½ red onion )

1 shallot

fennel bulb ( diced )

1/3 cup, sliced

minced garlic

1 clove

egg ( beaten )

2 medium

frozen peas

1 cup

spinach ( chopped )

1 cup

onion ( chopped )

1 medium

soy sauce ( tamari )

3 tbsp

Salmon Patties with Blueberry Miso Sauce and Fennel Fried Rice

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Step 1 (Salmon Patties)

Combine all ingredients for salmon patties in a bowl and stir until well combined.

Step 2 (Salmon Patties)

Heat a sauté pan on medium-high with a small amount of olive oil.
(10-12 oz cooked wild caught salmon, finely flaked in a food processor (or use canned/pouch salmon))

Step 3 (Salmon Patties)

Form salmon mixture into four patties and place into the hot pan.

Step 4 (Salmon Patties)

Cook about 4 minutes on each side until golden on the edges.

Step 5 (Salmon Patties)

Serve with blueberry miso sauce.

Note: Patties can be mixed up and made into patties in advance and left uncooked. Keep in fridge until ready to cook.

Step 1 (Blueberry Miso Sauce)

Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.

Step 2 (Blueberry Miso Sauce)

Drizzle over salmon patties.

Note: This sauce can be made in advance and stored in the fridge until ready to serve.

Step 1 (Fennel Fried Rice)

Heat a large sauté pan or wok on medium heat with sesame oil.

Step 2 (Fennel Fried Rice)

Stir cook shallot, fennel, and garlic in sesame oil until slightly softened, about 5 minutes.

Step 3 (Fennel Fried Rice)

Slide vegetables to the side of the pan and add beaten eggs.

Step 4 (Fennel Fried Rice)

Let eggs cook slightly before stirring in.

Step 5 (Fennel Fried Rice)

Add peas, spinach, green onion, and rice and stir fry.

Step 6 (Fennel Fried Rice)

Pour tamari soy sauce over top and stir fry to combine.

Note: You can make this in advance, store it in the fridge, and reheat it before serving. You can also add chopped fennel fronds into the fried rice or use them as a garnish.

The postpartum period is a challenging time for athletic moms. Your body is healing from childbirth and is nutritionally depleted from nourishing a growing baby in utero. The postpartum fatigue caused by having an infant in the house can be even more challenging if you also have other children to care for in your family. As a mother myself, I know how tiring this phase of life can be and how important it is to keep eating healthy even when you feel you have no time. Eating well balanced meals, getting plenty of water, and continually grazing on healthy snacks can really help to reestablish the health of mom and baby, particularly if you’re breastfeeding.

Complex carbs help fight postpartum fatigue and are desirable in combination with iron and protein. Consuming enough iron and protein will ease a number of postpartum symptoms as well. Lean red meat is the highest in iron, but you can get iron in other meats, eggs, and seafood as well as mushrooms, dark leafy greens, legumes, and a smaller amount in fruits.

For mothers who are breastfeeding, get plenty of water, and consume lactogenic foods to keep your milk supply going strong. In this meal, I’ve included lactogenic spinach, brown rice, and fennel. Omega 3, DHA, and EPA (essential fatty acids) are transferred through breastmilk. These nutrients are important for a newborn’s brain development. Because salmon is high in these critical nutrients, I’ve used salmon as the main source of protein which contains iron as well as the all-important omega 3s and essential fatty acids. These nutrients are equally important for every new mom, even if you’re not breastfeeding, as they also assist with fighting postpartum depression and anxiety.

Every ingredient in this easy meal is well thought out to include a variety of postpartum nutrition. From fatigue-fighting brown rice to iron-rich compliments of spinach, egg, and fish, this postpartum meal will help you and your baby, whether breastfeeding or not, to be a healthy team.

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