Turkey Goulash

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30 MIN


151 g


123 g


1922 kcal


29 g


894 mg


28 g



ground turkey

455 g

onion ( diced )

1 medium

bell pepper ( diced )

1 pepper

noodles ( more info in step 3 )

8 wt. oz

tomato sauce

1 can (15 oz)

diced tomatoes

1 can

bay leaf

1 leaf

garlic powder

1 tsp

smoked paprika

1 tsp

chili powder

1 tsp

pink Himalayan salt

1/2 tsp


1/4 tsp, ground


1/4 tsp, ground

asiago ( or parmesan cheese (optional) )

1/2 cup

Turkey Goulash

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Step 1

Prepare a large saucepot with water to cook the noodles and heat it to boiling.

Step 2

While water is heating, stir ground turkey, onion, and pepper in a large sauté pan and cook until turkey is cooked through.

Step 3

Add noodles to the pot of water once it’s boiling and cook until al dente (not totally soft).
(I used a corn and rice blend campanelle, also great with lentil bean pasta.)

Step 4

While noodles are cooking, add all remaining ingredients to the turkey and continue simmering on medium heat until noodles are ready.

Step 5

Drain noodles and return to the saucepot.

Step 6

Add turkey mixture to the noodles and stir to combine.

Step 7

Stir in cheese if desired or serve without and add to the tops of individual servings, if desired.

Note: Any leftovers can be refrigerated for the next day.

Back to school means back to a hectic family routine for us parents who are shuffling between work, school, and after-school kid activities. Having busy nights doesn’t mean you need to eat less healthy. Planning ahead and having a collection of fast and fulfilling family meals that can be made in less than thirty minutes is important to keep everyone on schedule and performing their best.

Turkey goulash is a culinary riff on one of my childhood favorite comfort foods: American style beef goulash. This is also known as chili mac or American chop suey depending on which part of the country you hail from. It’s also a dish quite similar to the infamous Hamburger Helper (no shame if you had that growing up!) but with infinitely more flavor and nutrition than you can find in a box. The homespun flavors in this goulash are reminiscent of a Hungarian goulash using paprika, onion, and peppers. This modern version of the dish incorporates noodles into the stew with ground turkey rather than slow-cooked beef bites. Substituting ground turkey in place of beef allows for a similarly rich flavor while getting quality lean protein. The addition of cheese makes it a true all-American classic.

Since this meal is quick to put together and can be kept warm or easily reheated, it’s ideal for those nights when you’re all running from one activity to another and may not be able to sit down at the table as a family to eat at the same time. My kids ask for this dish regularly, so I include it about every other week in my weekly meal planning during the school year.

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