Vegan Banh Mi Lettuce Wraps

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15 MIN


11 g


116 g


765 kcal


85 g


228 mg


5 g



jackfruit ( from either fresh or canned in brine fruit )

2 cup, sliced

chili garlic sauce ( or sriracha )

2 tbsp

lime juice

1 tbsp

lettuce ( romaine or bibb/butter lettuce work well )

8 leaves

mayonaise ( vegan )

3 tbsp

cucumber ( sliced very thin )

1 medium

jalapeno ( sliced very thin )

1 pepper


4 sprigs

carrot ( peeled and shredded )

1/2 cup

daikon ( peeled and shredded )

1/2 cup

rice vinegar

1 tbsp


2 tsp

pink Himalayan salt

1/4 tsp

Vegan Banh Mi Lettuce Wraps

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Step 1

Combine all ingredients for the pickled carrot and daikon and let stand 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Step 2

Shred jackfruit with a fork, or clean hands, and stir in the chili sauce and lime.

Step 3

To assemble the wrap, lay two lettuce leaves down and spread mayo on top leaf.

Step 4

Add pickled carrot and daikon, then the jackfruit, and top with cucumber, jalapeño, and cilantro.

Step 5

Fold over and eat like a sandwich.

Summer eating wouldn’t be complete without tropical fruits. The most popular summer tropical fruits are pineapple and mango but there’s another tropical fruit superstar that’s moving into the spotlight for a number of reasons. The humble jackfruit is a sustainable tropical fruit that has a subtly sweet flavor and has a high amount of fiber. This unusual fruit is a great meat substitute for vegan athletes because it provides a protein source. Additionally, jackfruit is one of the rare fruits that contains a rich source of B-complex vitamins which can be a challenge to obtain without consuming foods of animal origin.

Green, un-ripe jackfruit works the best as a meat substitute because they are less sweet. A unique property of this fruit is its ability to be diced, or even shredded, making it a perfect meat substitute for a variety of uses from salads to tacos and curries.

Jackfruit pairs well with a multitude of seasonings because it doesn’t have an intense flavor on its own. Instead, it easily combines with flavors to produce a unique meatless eating experience. Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches are traditionally made with shredded pork or chicken on a baguette. In this version, the jackfruit makes an appearance in place of the meat. Jackfruit has a near-identical texture to shredded pork or chicken, but because it is a fruit, it is suitable for athletes following a vegan lifestyle. Jackfruit is also fairly high in carbohydrate content so in place of the traditional baguette, I’ve lightened the carbs by placing this sandwich folded into large lettuce leaves for a lighter, summery lunch.

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