Recover Faster From CrossFit Open WODs With 3 Simple Stretches

Use these simple stretches to rest and recover from those taxing Open workouts.

Last year 209,000 athletes competed in the CrossFit Open. It is an exciting time for many athletes, but also a time that I see a ton more injuries.

The Open allows each workout to be done as many times as you want in the 96-hour period allotted in order to get your best score. Last year, some of my friends who were disappointed with their first scores wound up doing a WOD three times in that short period. And I am sure there are people who did more than that. Any WOD can be quite taxing on the body and the mind, but done repetitively, it adds up quickly!

Keep Things Working Right

To help all of you participating in the Open this year, I put together a yoga class that will help keep your body and mind healthy. Each one of these three stretches opens the hips and the shoulders, and we hold each stretch for two minutes. If your schedule allows, I suggest working your way up in time with these stretches.

  • The first stretch, cow faced pose, stretches the top shoulder in an externally rotated position and the bottom shoulder in an internally rotated position.
  • The next stretch is a killer for me. It puts some stress on the arms, but it gives a lovely stretch to the front of the body.
  • The last stretch is a supported eagle arm variation. This stretch will open the shoulders, and as you send your hips down and back, it can also give a great release to the low back.

Each of these long holds will give you an opportunity to quit or to stay. I hope you choose to stay, but be mindful if you need to back out. Just ease your way out of the pose and work your way up to the two minutes. (Remember, this isn’t a CrossFit workout – there’s no score!)

Also, be sure to have some props if you need them. Suggested props: blanket to sit on, coffee table or twenty-inch box, strap or resistance band.

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