Holiday Wish List – Coach Val Worthington

Coach Val is a black belt AND a PhD – good luck out-fighting or outsmarting her! Val also has a keen wit, so check out her holiday list and find out what SHE thinks needs to be under the tree.

We know how hard it is to holiday shop, so we thought we would help you out with ideas AND let you get to know all of us at a bit better. We asked our writers, featured coaches, and guest contributors if they could pick ANY 10 fitness/sports/health related items to put on a Holiday Wish List, what would they pick?

Check out what Coach Val put on HER wish list this year!

Val’s Holiday Wish List

1. Croupier Certification – $1,280.00

I don’t really know how to play any casino games. But as my tastes have matured, “croupier” has ranked right up there, at least for me, with “lead guitarist,” “quarterback,” and “cheerleader” in terms of coolness quotient. This certification could help me learn the games while also learning how to lead them. And since the World Series of Poker airs on ESPN, this is my best chance at becoming a well-known sports figure.

2. Make Your Own Havaianas – $25.00+

As a grappler, I spend a lot of time barefooted. If I need to step on and off the mat, it is more convenient for me to have shoes I can just slip on and off, like Havaianas flip-flops. I already have several pairs, but this time I might just make my own.

3. Republic Custom-Built Bike – $399.00-519.00

I am not an avid cyclist for sport. But I now live in a place where a bike would come in handy for practical purposes; the places I’m likely to go will be close by, and there are bike paths and lanes everywhere. I haven’t owned a bike since I was a child, so building a bike from component parts based on my preferences and needs sounds like a good – and fun – idea!

4. Atama Backpack/Gi Bag – $90.00

Especially now that winter is here, I need a bag that can hold not only a clean gi and all the clothing that goes under it when I train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (sports bra, compression shorts, rash guard), but also my clunky warm shoes, sweatshirts, toiletry articles, and even perhaps a change of clothing that ISN’T made of nylon or fleece.

5. REI Half Dome 2 Plus Tent – $199.00

I have had many great experiences camping with friends and sleeping in tents like this one, in places like Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, the Grand Canyon, and the Badlands. I don’t own a tent myself, so I’ve always squeezed in with my pals to make things cozier. So these tents hold lots of happy memories in addition to a handful of grimy hikers.

6. Bacon of the Month Club, 1 Year from Bacon Freak – $475.95

I love bacon. I eat it frequently and talk about it even more frequently than I eat it. I even wear it. Well, I don’t wear it, but I do have a t-shirt that promotes bacon-wrapped hotdogs. That being said, I am not a connoisseur, so I don’t know about the different flavors and cuts. Thus, this would be a great item for me – and for the chocolate-covered Oreos that are likely to become well-acquainted with January’s offering as they hang out together in the deep fryer.

7. EZ Pass – $250.00

I recently moved back to the east coast from Southern California. I have friends and family up and down the coast, as well as opportunities to participate in grappling events, outdoor activities, and other athletic endeavors. This requires driving on highways and thoroughfares that charge tolls. Normally, with these coastal trips, I have to make sure I have enough small change for these tolls. With the EZ Pass, I would be able to go through the tolls without needing this change – and without even having to slow down much. And this would make it easier for me to get to the fun!

8. SodaStream Pure Seltzer Starter Kit – $129.95

I drink a lot of seltzer, even during and after a workout. I find it to be more refreshing than still water, and that means I drink more of it and stay more hydrated than I would otherwise. However, seltzer comes in plastic bottles, which are bulky and bad for the environment. A soda maker would enable me to indulge my seltzer cravings while creating less solid waste.

9. The Clapper – $22.52

This timeless classic is always a crowd pleaser. And after a long week of working out and living an active life, it would be nice to be able to start up the washer/the oven/the hair dryer/the TV from a seated position. Yes, I know I’d have to get up eventually to tend to these things and that a TV already has a remote control, but I like to have options.

10. Age Is Just a Number, by Dara Torres – $10.19

Dara Torres is an Olympic swimmer and motivational speaker who has defied odds by improving her athletic performance with age. I had a copy of this book but liked it so much I loaned it to a friend – and then moved away. So I actually need two copies: one to loan out and one to reread and write all kinds of notes on. And yes, I want the actual book, not the electronic version, so I can mark it up!