Tired of Boring Beef Jerky? Try Kangaroo, Snake, or Yak

Mountain America jerky is handmade in small batches and guaranteed to be fresh.

Sometimes companies claim to be small companies as a marketing angle. And then there are companies like Mountain America Jerky where you get an email straight from the CEO. Or rather, from the CJO – Chief Jerky Officer.

Product Background

Chuck Watson emailed me about checking out his jerkies, and after a little investigation I agreed to try his products. While his jerkies wouldn’t be considered “paleo,” the company appears to put a great deal of care into their products. The jerky is handmade from start to finish in small batches and guaranteed to be fresh. The meats are hickory smoked daily in the company’s Colorado facility.

Things to know about the jerky:

  • No added preservatives
  • No MSG
  • No nitrates
  • No fillers or binders
  • Salmon jerky is made from wild caught fish
  • Tuna jerky is sushi grade and dolphin safe
  • Elk, buffalo, venison, turkey, and exotic meat jerkies contain no hormones

In addition, Mountain America jerky is made from whole pieces of meat. Not ground meat. While ground meat winds up making a very tender jerky, the quality of the meat used can easily come into question. Mountain America jerky consists of thick chunks of real meat, as opposed to bits and pieces held together with binders.

Exotic Meat Selection

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One thing that sets Mountain America Jerky apart from other companies is the broad selection of exotic meats they have available. And by that I mean everything from alpaca and duck to kangaroo and snake. They even recently added Tibetan yak jerky to the line-up.

If you check out their shop, you’ll see a wide range of samplers available. If you’re curious about exotic meats, I’d suggest that as a good place to start. You can try small amounts of a wide variety of meats and at a good price, as well.

And in addition to the meat selection, the company also offers flavor variations of many of the meats. This includes original, spicy, teriyaki, peppered, sweet and spicy, garlic black pepper, and habanero. So basically, there’s no way you can’t find something to fit your particular taste buds.

Flavors I tried:

  • Elk – Very easy to chew, with a mild smoky flavor. Tasted like a well-cooked hamburger. Not sweet, not peppery, and slightly richer than beef.
  • Venison – Spicy, tender, but not quite as tender as the elk. Also milder than the elk and not as rich.
  • Buffalo – Not as tender or soft as the other meats. Not too sweet. The spicy flavor builds as you eat it. Overall very enjoyable.
  • Ostrich – Reminiscent of turkey jerky. This jerky is lean, but has a richer flavor than typical turkey jerky.
  • Alligator – Definitely the toughest of the flavors I tried, but still quite enjoyable. Tasted like slightly richer bird meat.
  • Beef Jerky – Pepper flavor is light, but tasty. Very, very tender.

Mountain America Alligator Jerky


Not all the Mountain America jerkies are gluten free. Some include a soy sauce powder that lists wheat, soybeans, maltodextrin, and high oleic sunflower oil as its ingredients. Aside from the soy sauce powder, the ingredients are completely inoffensive.

“One thing that sets Mountain America Jerky apart from other companies is the broad selection of exotic meats they have available. And by that I mean everything from alpaca and duck to kangaroo and snake.”

Certain flavors of the jerkies are available in a gluten-free version. These are made with tamari instead of soy sauce. If you are strict paleo, though, remember that tamari, while gluten free, is still made from soybeans.

My Recommendation

Mountain America offers free shipping on orders over $65.00 and does a flat shipping rate of $3.95 on all other orders. They have a wide range of prices, depending on the meat you choose and the amount you choose. For sheer entertainment value or for a neat gift for a meat lover, it might be something worth checking out. I know I was a bit sad when my samples were all gone.

Mountain America Jerky is available from $7.95 and up at MountainAmericaJerky.com.

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