Shake Off Travel Stagnation With This Quick Yoga Flow

Get your body moving and beat travel boredom with this fast yoga flow that can be done anywhere.

I love traveling. Not the driving, flying, or getting there part – but learning new cultures, trying new foods, and checking out the scenery. Whether you love to travel or not, you may be doing it during the holiday season, so I created this quick yoga segment for you to do at the airport, rest stop, or hotel room.

One of my favorite ways to work the hips is to come from straight legs to bent knees. It is important that you work hard to get your back knee as close to the ground in a hover as possible. This will strengthen and open the hips. We work twists at the same time to open up the low back, which can tighten from sitting in the same place for too long.

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I added in a variation of going to an up-dog back down to a low push up (chaturanga) to again both open and strengthen the shoulders. If you are driving, it is easy to slouch in your seat over time, so I wanted to pull your shoulder back into a place of integrity.

If time permits, I would do this short sequence three to five times. If not, once is better than none. Happy travels!