Super D Video: Body Tempering With the Cold, Hard X Wife

Use Super D’s diffusion rod to break up adhesive tissue and increase recovery time while adding strength.

Nothing will push you to the next level like body tempering with a 135 pound, solid steel X Wife. Athletes, she will blast your tight muscles with her weight in a way you won't soon forget.

The X Wife is a diffusion rod used to break up adhesive tissue and muscle. It tempers tendons, ligaments, and bone due to its compact and heavy weight and helps rid excessively tense muscles of that hypertonicity that commonly occurs with strength training.

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In this video, you will see how I use two X Wives to work on my training partner, Levi, to body temper his posterior chain. I use a series of “crushes” and rolls to open up his back and hamstrings. Part of the reason the X Wife works so well is that it creates myofacial release in only seconds (instead of hours) and virtually eliminates the need for a regular foam roller, except for use as a prop.

PERSPECTIVE: Foam Rolling Increases ROM, Does Not Decrease Strength

Using the X Wife takes training to another level because it is so heavy the body has to adjust to the weight anaerobically. This will help an athlete gain strength and restore motion much more quickly than just training and foam rolling alone.