Big and strong backs are the foundation of big lifts. You can have the strongest legs in the world but if you can't hold yourself up, you're not going to get very far.
The first gold medal winner for the Philippines gets a new house and $660,000 as well as the gratitude of a nation that has been waiting for this moment since 1924.
On the practice platform, the world's greatest weightlifter is snatching 220 kg, and clean and jerking 255 kg with ease.
They have sport climbing and boxing so why not?
BMI can give a false impression of the nature of health. There are more important metrics.
Strongman Cheick "Iron Biby" Sanou breaks Eddie Hall's world record with a 477.4 lb (217 kg axle press.
Greg Glassman is doing publicity, ostensibly for an upcoming book, but it sounds a lot like he has some scores to settle.
The first woman to land the impossible move just did it again in practice at the Tokyo Olympics.
July 21st is National Junk Food Day in the United States. There's a message in there somewhere for everyone.
Will Elon Musk be the first billionaire in space to pull 1,300 lbs? We really hope so.
Some people tried to stop her but the Tokyo Olympics will welcome New Zealand's transgender weightlifting competitor.
Mary Duffy is a champion powerlifter, she is 71 years old, and she deadlifts like a boss. That is all.
Frozen shoulders eventually get better but can cause significant pain.
Fitfluencer is a thing. A fit influencer may be subject to debate. Method Man, however, is the real deal.
Covid, travel restrictions, a change in regime and now CrossFit athletes are being asked to swim and paddle at the CrossFit Games. Cut them a break, willya.
Competitors are wary of bans and the impact of reanalysis of samples years after events that can mean the loss of medals and status.
Flying through the air for most of your workout may be the most liberating thing you can do.