Coach Development

This simple exercise can help you deliver your expertise with confidence.
Without standards and quality control, your knowledge, passion, and coaching skills are for naught.
Effort-based praise can improve an athlete’s performance by creating a growth mindset.
Knowing a bit about a lot is the key to being an effective trainer.
This book is for anyone seeking to pursue less to achieve more.
A strong, braced core actually impedes athletic power.
Loaded carries can be your secret weapon in client progress and retention.
Modelling better movement is essential to bridging the gap between a coach’s and the client’s experiences.
The best teachers deliver the right cues for the right bodies.
Success in the fitness business sometimes means getting naked.
It's the little things, done with absolute consistency, that bring the most profound rewards.
If optimizing each student's’ unique experience sounds like a lot of work, it is.
Coaches must negotiate a difficult balancing act between objectivity and subjectivity.
No programming can equal the power of an honest dialogue.
Sport specific training done right can help athletes achieve their highest potential.
Identifying your ideal client type can also be a process of self-discovery.
Here's a way to test whether your commitments really come from the heart.