Coach Development

If optimizing each student's’ unique experience sounds like a lot of work, it is.
No programming can equal the power of an honest dialogue.
Sport specific training done right can help athletes achieve their highest potential.
Identifying your ideal client type can also be a process of self-discovery.
Here's a way to test whether your commitments really come from the heart.
Misunderstanding sport specific training can lead to decreased performance or even injury.
The key to success with sedentary clients is getting started right.
Softer modalities of training deliver surprising preventative and performance benefits.
Coaching is not about the sets, it’s not about the reps, and it’s not about the business bullshit—it’s about a relationship with the human being in front of you.
Applying strongman training in new ways is delivering great physiques and amazing performance.
Being an effective coach requires a skillful blend of art and science.
Learn how to get the most out of a workshop or seminar.
Weightlifting simply doesn't present a great coaching challenge, despite what your weightlifting coach may say.
True coaching is an ongoing process of diagnosis.
All of your knowledge is useless if your athletes aren't absorbing it.
Finding people to shape and guide you is the difference between enormous success and years of mistakes.
Paulie is not mystical, magical, or reincarnated - he just worked insanely hard to be good.