The Stocking Stuffer Workout from Taku

This one is NOT for the faint of heart. This is for the hardcore athletes who want to move some serious weight and challenge themselves between all that present wrapping.

This workout is a combination of a bodyweight barbell challenge and VersaClimber conditioning. It is intended for advanced athletes who possess very high levels of both strength and conditioning. If you do not have access to a VersaClimber you can substitute running, rowing, or cycling.

To do this workout:

  1. Use your bodyweight for all strength exercises (i.e. if you weight 185lbs, the bar should weigh 185lbs). Set up more than one bar to insure you can quickly move from exercise to exercise.
  2. On the chin-up and dips no additional weight is necessary, since you are moving your own entire bodyweight. Do all reps of chin-ups and dips slowly, with no kip, and with a 1 second pause at the top and bottom of each.
  3. Attempt to achieve the recommended number of repetitions per exercise.


5-10 minutes, your method of choice.

Workout, Part #1:

After your warm-up, get on the Versa-Climber, and climb 1500 feet, as fast as possible.

Once you mount the VC, do not dismount until you have reached 1500 feet.

You may rest for up to 5 minutes following the VC climb.

If you do not have a Versa-Climber you can substitute with a 1.5 mile run, 2000m row, or 3 mile cycle.

Workout, Part #2:
Next, see how many times you can proceed through the strength circuit in 20 minutes.


  1. Barbell Back Squat X 20
  2. Overhead Barbell Press X 10
  3. Chin-up X 10
  4. Dip X 10
  5. Barbell Bent Over Row X 10
  6. Barbell Bench Press X 10
  7. Barbell Straight Legged Dead Lift X 15

Reverse workout order, every other workout.

Post time for VersaClimber and number of rounds completed on the strength circuit to comments below.

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