This Is Animal Flow (Video)

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee… and move like a badass!

It's truly a sight to behold when athletes can quickly and fluidly progress from one bodyweight stance to another. This is what Mike Fitch, founder of Global Bodyweight Training, demonstrates during his Animal Flow sequence. It's a different breed of mastery than Frank Medrano's astonishing strength, and even different thanErwan Le Corre's MovNat.

According to the Global Bodyweight Training website, Animal Flow "combines quadrupedal and ground based movements with elements from various bodyweight-training disciplines."After a fair amount of practice, cranking out a few of these routines would definitely be a fun way to maintain mobility and flexibility while also stretching out kinks and knots and activating your muscles. There are also workshops and certifications where athletes can delve even further into this eclectic practice.

Animal Flow is definitely unconventional. It's not as flashy as the feats of other types of calisthenics athletes or gymnasts, but it really teaches you what it feels like to be a wild beast in the jungle.

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