EDITOR'S NOTE: These workouts are designed by Master RKC Andrew Read. When it comes to obstacle course races (and a lot of other things), Andrew knows his stuff. Not only does he have a special forces background, but he's also an Ironman and currently training for a Spartan Race himself. Enjoy the workouts and good luck with your event!


This plan is designed to get you ready for a Spartan Race or other obstacle course event. The workouts are four days per week, with three of the days being double, split with extra running later in the day. If you have any questions about the exercises in the workouts, see the information I've outlined here.



It’s also imperative that you have a long run every weekend. If your event is 10km or less, your long run should be around two hours. If your event goes to 21km, you will need more like three hours on these weekend runs.These extra long runs are not written in the plan but don’t neglect them, as they are the cornerstones of distance running.


Work hard, eat well, and sleep a lot. In four weeks you’ll be Spartan ready AROO!


Week 2, Day 1


Focus – movement and recovery from the weekend.


Warm up:


  • Kettlebell Armbar x 5 breaths each side
  • Towel Toe Touch x 10
  • Couch stretch x 2mins each side
  • Hip Flexor Stretch x 10 breaths each side
  • Bridge x 5 five-second holds


Repeat sequence.


  • Crawl forward and back x 10m + Pump stretch (Downward Dog into Cobra) x 10 + Get Up x 1/1. Repeat for three rounds.
  • Side Crawl x 10m each way + upper body rolls x 3/3 + Windmills x 3/3. Repeat for three rounds.
  • Crab Crawl forward and back x 10m + Cook hHip Lift x 5/5 + Cossack Stretch x 5/5. Repeat for three rounds.




  • Double Kettlebell Press x 30 seconds + Overhead Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat for four rounds. No putting the weights down until the four rounds are completed.
  • Bodyweight Squat x 30 seconds + hold bottom position of the squat for 30 seconds. Repeat for four rounds.
  • Perform one push up every ten seconds for two minutes, holding the top position of the push up for the rest of the time.