12 weeks

This programming has been designed for the beginner to train for a sprint distance triathlon; however, anyone can use it.
This is a twelve week sport specific program designed for rowing. The goal of this program is to increase strength and power while also preventing injury.
The intention of this program is to increase maximum strength for hockey players. Build strength to improve your speed, power, and agility on the ice.
This 12-week program focuses on flexibility training to improve mobility and enhance performance in the ring.
This 12-week cycle of frogman workouts from Hannah Caldas will build strength and speed both in the water and on land.
Whether you are looking for explosive strength, the ability to lift heavy for multiple reps, or to increase your max lifts, strongman is a fun and effective training method.
Increase your strength and stamina while specifically improving your 500-2000m rowing performance.
Diastasis recti makes training difficult. These safe workouts will rebuild your core safely.
Extreme Strength! is a great product for people interested in advancing their ability to move some kettlebells around, especially in the Olympic lifting exercises. It's not for beginners, though.