Andrew Read Athlete Journal

There have been some changes over the last couple of weeks that have significantly changed my race plans for the next few months, but I've come up with a new challenge.
The last few months have been full of travel and training. I attended the Spartan SGX course and realized I'm going to have to step up my game for the race in November.
Right now I'm at a point in my training where I'm basically embracing the suck. On the bright side, I've found that it's been much easier to keep up with my training during a long trip to the U.S.
My inner crash test dummy is calling again, so I've decided to enter a marathon. Actually, make that TWO back-to-back Spartan Races. Here's how I'm planning to get ready and avoid injury.
When I started training for Ironman, I wanted a scary challenge. That's what I got. I may not have been a top finisher, but I was pushed to my limits and also saw improvement in my performance.
Just one week until Ironman. After months of training twice daily it’s a bit of a shock to find yourself sitting around, but I've actually had some promising training sessions this week.
C’mon body, just two weeks to go. One more big dance and I promise I won’t do anything too stupid to you for the rest of the year.
I met a new friend during one of my training sessions and it got me thinking about my goal times for the Ironman - which is only three weeks away now.
As the weeks wind down I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as training goes. My body finally seems to be healing and adjusting to the high training volume.
This week I ran the longest run that I will do before the Ironman. It went really well, but I'm still wondering how I'm going to manage 42km in just five short weeks.
This week of training was a lesson in stubbornness. The only thing keeping me going is tons of food, naps, and the thought that there's only a few weeks of hard training left before the taper starts.
I only have eight weeks of training left until Ironman Melbourne. My training sessions are getting longer and harder, and I'm starting to feel a sense of impending doom as the event approaches.
This week was a recovery week. I also got my VO2 max tested, which was an intense but cool experience. The results were great and gave me a nice confidence boost for the Ironman race in 8 weeks.
I managed to train throughout the holidays, even on Christmas morning and during my vacation in Vanuatu. I've also come away with a good feeling about my 70.3, even though my time wasn't my best.
Over the last weekend I did my first triathlon. Overall it was a good training day, even though I didn't reach all my goals. Not bad, but plenty of room for improvement.
When training goes right it goes right. Every now and then you get a little kick, a surge beyond what you expect. This has been that week - and it came just in time for my half ironman next weekend.
After seven weeks of nonstop work, I had one of the most miserable bike rides of my life - and learned an important lesson about riding in the snow.