athlete journals

I managed to get in a heavy squat workout this week before I got hit with the nasty bug that's been going around in my house.
This week was a much-needed rest week after the competition last week and busy days training and coaching at the gym.
It's been a fantastic week with some positive changes for my gym, my diet, and my training.
This week I started using a new method for my deadlifts and also set yet another 10-rep personal record in the kettlebell snatch.
I missed my most important training day again this week due to weather, but finished off the week strong with some good weight lifting and BJJ sessions.
Today I've included a video of my extra training day I do every week - also known as "Stupid, Random S**t Day."
This week was my first competition, so I changed my schedule around a bit to prepare for it. The event went well and gave me a good idea of where I need to go in my training.
This week I set a new 5-minute snatch PR. My job now is to gradually increase both quantitative and qualitative measures of progress from week to week.
2014 is off to a good start! I’ve been enjoying my time off from school, my gym is getting a lot of new students who are eager to learn, and I’ve been getting a ton of great training.
I celebrated Christmas with the 12 Days of Christmas WOD and rang in the New Year with a solid nine hours of sleep and 10lb clean PR. People might think I'm weird, but I've learned that's okay.
Between moving to a new gym facility and squatting heavy - 800lbs, to be exact - for the first time in months, I think 2014 is off to a good start.
Due to sickness and the New Year, my first athlete journal entry is a bit sparse, but I'm planning to get into action to prepare for my first competition of the year.
This was week two of phase three. I trained for six days of the week and my legs were fried by the end, but hopefully it will all be worth it after my upcoming meet.
I made it to 2014 alive and had a great year for competing and training. Here are my goals for 2014, as well as the long-term goals that I'm striving towards.
With New Year’s in sight and competitions looming, I’m starting to bear down on my workouts a bit more after a few weeks of abbreviated and low-effort sessions.
I finished off the year with some heavy 665lb speed squats and my last week training at our old gym location before we move to our new facilities. A good way to wrap up the year!
I trained a lot this week and was also excited when several women came in asking about BJJ. Most of the women at our gym do kickboxing or boxing, so it will be nice to have more women to train with.