Ronda Rousey credits her mother for passing down her amazing judo skills. This book is written by her mother, AnnMaria De Mars, and world-class judo coach James Pedro Sr.
There are no rights without attendant responsibilities. As a student of BJJ you have responsibilities to yourself, your instructor, and your community. I'm going to outline them. Tell me if you agree.
Given the complexity of BJJ relationships, I’ve put a stake in the ground as to the ones I believe every grappler should enjoy. See if you agree with my five undeniable rights of the grappler.
How do I acknowledge that my particular game and orientation to training, teaching, and describing jiu jitsu are rooted in a larger context of instruction? How do I give credit where credit is due?
Patrick Cummins never meant to become an MMA fighter, but it turns out he's pretty darn good at it. Find out how wrestling has helped his career, how he trains, and what his plans for the future are.
The question, "Which fighter wins?" is one that will likely never die. It's the question that spawned the UFC itself. What have we learned from the sport as it evolved? Is there a dominant art?
Life balance is not a destination. Rather, it is a never-ending journey that requires constant adjustment, sometimes major and sometimes barely perceptible. It's a bit like a Swiss ball.
The Pan Jiu Jitsu Championship is going strong. I see blue belts doing things I could never do as a blue belt. Seeing these competitors makes me think on what drives the evolution of the sport.
If you train in a sport where you weight matters - MMA, BJJ, or kickboxing - you want to get stronger, without adding an extra mass. Here is simple 3-day/week program you can easily integrate.
Emily Kwok, Seymour Yang, Braulio Estima, the Miyao Brothers, Mackenzie Dern, and Alan Belcher give advice to beginner BJJ students. They share what they would have done differently in their training.
We’re facing some difficulties and doubts lately, and I wanted to reaffirm my belief in you and your power for good. And even though I probably don’t say it enough, I’m in it for the long haul.
What’s your grappling soundtrack? Here's my top ten songs for grappling. If you don't like my choices, feel free to comment. Turns out music is one of those topics that inspires lots of emotion!
The new women's gi from Killer Bee Gis is my new favorite. It fits much better than a man's gi and the ripstop pants are indestructible. Let me break down on the details on this gi for you.
Grip strength is important in many sports, but especially grappling. Researchers examined wrestlers to determine if some people are born with better grip strength and how to detect it.
I find it freeing that jiu jitsu allows me to express my masculine side. As women, we need to realize the way we've been socialize and our feminine behavior may not be appropriate in the gym.
If you're a man, imagine how your perspective on the world might differ if you were concerned for your physical safety pretty much all the time - and how it might affect your orientation to jiu jitsu.
Once I tapped out a man I was training with and he threw an actual tantrum. What I said to him next impacted his life and mine for many years to come.