While we deserve to have our priorities respected, we also need to have limits to our passions and respect others. Here are 3 ways to respect others while still being obsessed with your training.
An increase in the influence women bring to BJJ doesn’t have to be negative, and it doesn’t have to result in watered-down practices. Let me explain what we at WGC want to do for EVERYone.
This beautiful footage is a compilation of moments, amazing techniques, submissions, and celebrations from the planet's best grapplers at the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship of 2012.
The GenuTrain might be more expensive than other knee braces, but it's also more effective. My doctor prescribed it for me and it allowed me to go back to training Brazilian jiu jitsu.
Getting started in BJJ is hard enough, but chances are you're also a bit of a social pariah around your academy. There's a reason for this, and there are also better and worse ways to get through it.
We've all heard about periodization, but who can arrange their entire life around training? Here is a method Pavel Tsatsouline called "tactical periodization" that anyone can use to create growth.
After 8 weeks of tournament preparation, I finally competed at the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship in Montreal, Quebec. Here's the photos, videos, and how it all went down.
If you compete in martial arts or any of the combat sports, then getting stronger while still being able to make your weight class is important. Learn how to get strong without getting big.
There are two icebergs. The iceberg of the knowledge our BJJ instructors possess, and the iceberg of the sacrifices they have made to bring that knowledge to us. Don't forget to say thanks.
My eight-week training program is almost done - the tournament is this coming Saturday. I'm going to share my inspirations for my game plans and my latest personal training update.
I've spent the past 8 weeks tweaking my technique and strategy. These are the tools I've used, plus an update on my training - frustratingly, I'm not gaining weight and my heart rate is not improving.
When you start to learn something, sometimes you get one part right and forget two others. It seems to take a while to come together. Why is this and what can we learn from how we learn?
Through trial and error I have discovered a list of essential items for BJJ. Not the least of which is a good bottle of Head & Shoulders. Here's the rest of my list of must-have gear, as well.
If you are a combat sports athlete trying to build strength and conditioning into your training, check out these kettlebell workouts. You'll get fitter without being destroyed for your skill training.
David Brown loves the capturing the individualism and expression of Brazilian jiu jitsu and skateboarding with his camera. Here are some of his favorite (and completely beautiful) images.
In thinking on the grapplers who allegedly raped a female teammate, I'm trying to understand how people can do this - how we justify our behaviors, big or small, and what questions to ask ourselves.
After my first tournament experience I devised a plan to create the best strength and conditioning program for BJJ ever. Luckily I've also had the help of Joel Jamieson and BioForce HRV.