body awareness

Jill discusses good pain versus bad pain, breaks myths about fascia, and explains how you can do too much rolling, plus much more.
Use this running mobility drill to improve your gait and create a more efficient running stride.
Through these practice I no longer stress about being perfect. Instead, I love my body for simply existing.
I've been concerned about my weight for three decades. And I have learned everyone has a weight that is right for him or her.
I call this technique the PR Amplifier because I found that by doing it every time I trained I more easily hit personal records.
How do today’s physical standards affect males and how they feel about themselves?
Training in an intuitive manner is the reason people can create great results from their workouts.
If you have poor body awareness, poor movement patterns, or inhibited muscles, a plateau in strength is coming your way.
According to a Harvard professor, your ability to juggle or do the hustle might mean you possess a form of intelligence related to body awareness.