Don't overlook the muscle-building benefits of fixed-resistance machines.
Bodybuilding is about more than bicep curls; it's about creating a healthier, more muscular body for the long haul.
If my goal is to get stronger, I must appreciate the strength more muscle gives me.
Aerobic endurance will carry over to better performance in the weight room.
It can be a challenge to pinpoint what is causing your issues, stopping you from proper nutritional absorption, and hindering maximum performance.
I believe many athletes can benefit from the inclusion of cheat meals as long as they are implemented strategically and with purpose.
Using this strategy, you can recover your metabolism and increase calorie intake with minimal increase in body fat.
If you feel pain on a regular basis, it's time to examine your workouts as the possible culprit.
Alan Mead built an impressive physique by turning his weaknesses into strengths.
Do you know why the fitness industry is flawed? It’s because we’ve forgotten about fitness.
Why do we jump into crazy diets? That’s like saying “I want to deadlift, so I’m going to deadlift as heavy as I can every day.”
Most believe you can only train for aesthetics or strength discretely. Not true. For those of you who want to look good and perform like an athlete - here's how.
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the concept of success and how we define it, in our training and in life.
There are many variables that go into muscle building, today we focus on the negative part of the rep, the time under load, and getting a pump.
Hollywood know something about fitness that many of us don't practice, despite seeking similar goals.
New research provided some valuable insights into building muscle naturally, whether you are a bodybuilder or not.
"Don’t ask who you are - act on who you are. Action alone delineates and defines you."