bodyweight exercise

Improving at pull ups is exciting regardless of your level. This approach is simple, but effective.
The dragon flag is a cool party trick, but it is a great test of abdominal strength, similar to the front lever.
You might have a family and a high-pressure job, but you do want to feel better, look better, and move well. Start here.
The aim of this four-week program is to develop a base of strength for an athlete to be able to improve his or her muscle up ability.
At the end of this final week of the challenge, you will achieve one successful tuck pop up.
This week, you will improve on your low forearm pull ups on your way to the full tuck pop up.
This week, you will master multiple forearm pull ups on your way to the full tuck pop up.
Learn two quick, powerful tips to improve your freestanding handstand.
Flexibility and leg strength are the keys to keeping your joints safe during landings of any sort.
Looking for a challenge to launch yourself to the next level? Master this essential, but challenging bodyweight movement.
In his new book, Paul "Coach" Wade answers a common question: How do you build muscle using bodyweight-only training?
You'll be a big fish in a little pond when you can crank out reps of the shrimp squat.
To become strong and stable, include the plank and its several variations in your bodyweight regimen.
The gymnast bridge will increase your flexibility, and is great for body control and coordination, too.
Dips are the squat for the upper body. Include this exercise and grow stronger before you know it.
Think you know push ups? What about wrist push ups, one-arm push ups, and dive bombers? And can you do the variations of each of those?
The L-Sit belongs in every athlete's alphabet of bodyweight exercises.