The age old saying “take a deep breath” is a wise one. Think of your holiday meditation as your daily hibernation to bring you back into balance.
Sometimes life has us feel stressed and unbalanced. This leads to issues of anxiety and a lack of sleep. Try this simple exercise that only takes a couple minutes, and will balance your mood and mind.
You've probably seen people hyperventilate before lifting weights, or maybe you've even done it yourself. A new study suggests it can also help improve sprint performance.
In my own experience as a coach, many people could benefit from some simple exercises to improve activation of the diaphragm. This would improve breathing, and therefore also performance.
Can you really make your lungs stronger? And does that have an effect on performance? Respiratory training might seem like a gimmick, but a research review shows it just might work.
The “forgotten” variable in your training is your breathing patterns. Breathing ladders will provide a challenge like no other you've experience, as well as offering great results.
It's when your day goes completely wrong that yoga can be most useful. I had a bad day at work, and it was my yoga practice that brought me back to happiness and peace.
Done properly, yoga is a safe and enriching practice. Here are some guidelines on how to approach yoga in a healthy way, and not let your instructor or your own ego push you into the danger zone.
What you don’t say might just kill you. Relieve stress by walking through the fear to speak up for yourself. Tips, poses, and meditations to say what you really want to say without fear or judgement.
I am working on my yoga breathing - when should I use alternate nostril breathing and when should I use Surya Bhedana? Are there particular benefits to these types of breathing?
Grunting might get you kicked out of Planet Fitness, but all athletics come with their version of a forceful, audible exhale. This exhale serves a purpose and your performance will lack without it.
Are martial artists actually 'artists?' What does it mean to be an artist? Is it about what you do, or is it more about truth, focus, and craftsmanship. I think Bruce Lee said it best...
Does breathing through an industrial strength kazoo make your lungs stronger and your performance better? Science takes a look at respiratory muscle training and whether or not it actually works.
It's allergy season and many are having trouble breathing. Here are 2 strategies for sinus clearing and getting more in touch with your body: aromatherapy and bhramari. What's that? Read on!
The 1st in a 3 part series, "Yoga For Athletic Guys." In part 1 we go over the basic ideas behind yoga and breathing techniques. Useful techniques for both health and relaxation.
Yoga can not only help your belly look better, but feel better, too. This week Willow teaches us about "Nauli" a type of abdominal exercise that has a cleansing effect on the body.
It's spring time and your house isn't the only thing needing a "cleanse." Give these three simple tips a try and have your mind and body detoxed and ready to enjoy life and nature.