In order for independence to be gained, we need to have trust. Connect with muladhara and build trust.
It is often our self-worth that we use to judge information and make choices. This has an impact on our health, relationships, and finances.
Good signals from the gut can reflect that we are living out our willpower and taking action.
The fourth chakra, anahata, is all heart. It is all about you. Writing your future - your way.
Vishuddha is a place for liberation. It involves the area where heartfelt feelings and intellect join together.
Intuition, our visceral detective, is a sense of knowing. We often refer to this as having an unexplainable or “sixth” sense.
In this series, I aim to demystify this system of personal body management. We will examine our seven chakras, one by one. First is Sahasrara - the seventh chakra.
We talk a lot in sports and specifically in the world of fighting about the heart. But what does it mean to have heart? Let's take a look internally and examine the physical and spiritual meaning.
I've been trapped by indecision for six months. Recently I decided to listen to my body, to counsel my chakras. In a moment I realized my body and heart knew the right path for me to follow.
When most people hear about chakras, they simpley wonder, “How are chakras relevant to me?” Here is a modern day approach to their relevance in life.