It’s high time we get serious about how we judge the aptitude of a coach.
Mindset is everything. Create an environment of limitless positivity and smash through your goals this year.
Don’t be afraid to be a shark when choosing a coach.
Despite recent controversy in the sports world, coaches still have the power to make a positive impact within their communities.
If you are a novice lifter or looking for quick results, save both your time and your money and wait until you’re ready to focus.
Even when the fitness gurus say otherwise, there will never be a singular definition of fitness.
Put down the computer, get off YouTube, and go and learn in person from the industry experts.
A lot has changed since I first competed in the CrossFit Games. These days, a good coach is a must.
Never settle for mediocre - there are more options now than ever when it comes to finding the perfect place to train.
If you have to convince others you’re an expert, then you’re not an expert.
Nervous about jumping into youth coaching? There’s no need. Here are some tips if you're just getting started.
In my years, I have heard a lot of excellent cues that transform a coach’s words from mere regurgitation of errors into valuable teaching cues.
Create an individualised training system that works for you by picking apart your body and goals.
Getting strong is about more than lifting big weights.
These people shouldn’t even be training others. This profession is about helping others, not helping yourself to their money.
The good coach is going to be able to evaluate developmental progress on the basis of intangible factors.
Your #family are your legacy. They are the product of your guidance and tutelage. They are also your past, present, and future.